New Plans for BIS FORPOST Functionality Development for the Year 2007

Vilnius - 27 March 2007

Forbis Ltd. - The main issue of the future plans of the Forbis Company is the development of banking solutions, satisfying the Forbis Company’s development strategy. Not only do the clients of the company estimate the already performed work as well as the creation of new banking products and fulfilment of new integration projects, but also much attention is paid to the improvement of the existing solutions. Following the right direction, while fulfilling future projects on development, allows achieving higher performance efficiency, as well as ensuring further development of the company.

The analysts of the Forbis Company highlight the today’s main direction of the stipulated strategic projects, embracing not only the creation of new products (while increasing the possibilities and the functionality of the product), but also further development and improvement of the already designed banking solutions, such as: applications module, verification of business contracts, warehouse, integration with the Legal entities registry, development of the card-file etc. Taking into consideration the increasing and rapidly changing needs and the intention of further successful competing on the market, the banks have to provide their customers with the largest range of services and the best quality of servicing. The banks, operating the FORPOST banking information system, earlier would provide a concise description of the banking product functions, whereas, today there has emerged a must in more complex integration projects, such as: TARGET2 payments, SEPA payments, on-line payment cards, Cash Pooling, the interface of the SAXESS system with BIS FORPOST, investment funds, and the like.

By following banks’ requirements, which determine the necessity of the product with broad functionality, the projects, requiring significant resources and analysis, are prepared. It is also worthwhile mentioning that the designed functionality must meet the requirements of the markets of different countries, such as Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus etc., thus, it becomes a transition to another higher level stage of the projects’ development. Automated system of remote branches management may be treated as one of the principle projects of the kind.

It must be acknowledged that the professionalism and the quality of procedures fulfilment are stressed higher today than the time required for the realisation of the development projects, while taking into consideration the main tendencies of the banking information technologies market. That is why today the specialists of the Development Department are analyzing new projects on BIS FORPOST realisation possibilities for 2008.

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