AMS Sagitta Now Offers Business Intelligence to the Enterprise Market

Bothell, Wash. - 23 March 2007

AMS Services, the leader in insurance agency automation, today announced the integration of AMS Sagitta®, an agency management system for larger agencies, bank-owned agencies and national brokers with AMS Performance Analyzer™, a business intelligence solution that provides agency executives clear visibility into agency performance. This unique combination will give large insurance agencies the ability to capture, visualize and report on critical data in order to make quick, informed decisions about business operations.

In today's world, knowledge is power and the use of information can be one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive advantage. And with the increasing complexity and continuing consolidation of the insurance agency sector, many organizations are left with little systematic insight into the condition of their business. Overrun with disparate systems and operational silos, organizations struggle to consolidate data into a format that enables them to readily assess overall performance. AMS Performance Analyzer makes it easy to analyze complex insurance data across multiple divisions, locations and databases to see how the entire organization is functioning. By using AMS Performance Analyzer and AMS Sagitta, institutions can gather information, browse report templates and create reports that leverage policy, commission, invoice and carrier information. The intuitive report formats enable users to identify trends and adjust their business accordingly. And because the data is already aggregated, reports can be generated and changed in seconds without IT assistance.

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