London - 13 March 2007

PI Filings Receives Feature and Interface Makeover

Perfect Information, a global provider of financial information, today announced the re-launch of PI Filings, its database comprising over seven million company filings. PI Filings has been re-designed to feature a new front-end containing enhancements that will increase its value to clients, whilst carefully retaining the intuitiveness of the existing product. When incorporating additional and advanced functionality to the product, Perfect Information spent considerable time consulting with its customers to pin-point exactly what features would best fit with their individual workflow processes.

Included in the new version of PI Filings is the ability for users to email documents researched on PI Filings as a link. This feature, which is unique to PI Filings within the market, has significant advantages to both the end user and their organisation as a whole. Instead of spending time downloading the required document, saving it to the desktop and then emailing it as an attachment, the document can be emailed as a link in one fast, easy step. Moreover, this process negates the limitations of bandwidth, minimising the drain on the company’s infrastructure and enabling the document to be sent anywhere, regardless of bandwidth capabilities.

“Product development and the incorporation of new features are all about listening to your customers,” said Greg Simidian, Managing Director, Perfect Information. “The changes made to PI Filings may not appear dramatic, but they are significant to the user. We feel confident that the added functionality will not just sit comfortably with their existing workflow processes, but actually add to them.”

Other recent developments to Perfect Filings include re-indexed SEC filings and expanded coverage of the following document types: Structured Finance (CDOs); Private Placements (144a); FSA returns; Regulatory Accounts; and Sustainability Reports (CSR).

Perfect Filings – Additional Features

- Edgar filings page numbers are now viewable, making it easier to differentiate between documents that are the same form type in a results list.
- Improved issue-date functionality, making it easier and quicker to set parameters to search for filings.
- Email alerts are more prominent and file size is no longer an issue, as the alert takes you to a link to the document rather than the document itself.
- Emailed documents have the user name and costcode embedded in the URL to enable client to bill back easily.
- Costcode is viewable at all times allowing users to easily reference current jobs.
- Session time-outs have been increased to eight hours.

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