SeeWhy Software Releases SeeWhy Community and Enterprise Editions V3.0

Windsor, U.K. - 12 March 2007

Real-time “Closed Loop” Business Intelligence with the Power of Event Stream Processing Becomes a New Reality for Business Users

SeeWhy Software today announced the immediate availability of two major new releases: SeeWhy Community Edition and SeeWhy Enterprise Edition Version 3.0. Both products offer dramatic advances in ease of use for business users with a new web-based graphical interface, SeeWhy Designer. For the first time, users can create and “hot deploy” monitoring scenarios into live event streams without IT assistance. Additionally, automated closed loop actions can be initiated in business process management (BPM) tools and third-party applications.

SeeWhy Community Edition can be freely downloaded from and deployed at no charge to support many real-time business applications. SeeWhy Enterprise Edition is available on subscription and traditional license models with full support options to suit different business needs.

SeeWhy is at the forefront of BI 2.0, the new wave of business intelligence technology designed for streaming data. Avoiding the traditional overheads of loading data into a database or data warehouse for manual analysis, SeeWhy uses event stream processing to directly analyse data passing through middleware, websites, databases and the corporate network. Data is compared “in flight” to historic information to offer real-time insight and automated actions. SeeWhy initiates processes in BPM tools, third-party applications and ecommerce websites, enabling continuous “closed loop” business operations optimisation.

Built using service-oriented architectures (SOA), SeeWhy is ideally suited for building intelligence into business processes, supporting many of the most data-intensive, time-sensitive business operations in both SOA and more traditional environments.

“SOA can enable organisations to keep pace with the second-by-second demands of their customers, partners and markets,” said Jason Bloomberg, Senior Analyst at ZapThink. “The new generation of SOA-savvy business intelligence technologies exposes and leverages valuable, real-time business events within business processes. With tools like SeeWhy, companies can maximise their SOA investments by using such real-time data to create smart processes and applications.”

Charles Nicholls, CEO of SeeWhy Software, commented: “SeeWhy Community and Enterprise Editions V3.0 represent a breakthrough in ease of use in real-time business intelligence. Event stream processing technologies process massive quantities of data in real time, but until now they have been limited to programmer toolkits used for building applications. SeeWhy changes all that by bringing the power of ESP to business users for the first time.”

SeeWhy Community and Enterprise Edition V3.0 provide:

· SeeWhy real-time business intelligence: Monitor tens of millions of transactions or business events per day at the individual item level, automatically, in real time.
· SeeWhy Designer graphical interface: Allows business users and business analysts to design, configure and deploy business metrics and alerts without assistance from their IT departments.
· Hot Deploy: Simply deploy metrics and complete analytic scenarios into live event streams passing through middleware or across the network.
· New event data sources: Adding to message queues already supported by SeeWhy, V3.0 now includes support for Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server as event sources.
· JMS Queue and Topic notification: Alert notifications can initiate processes in business process management tools.
· Support for third-party appliances: Appliances such as Covelight’s Inflight and Cisco’s AON give direct access to real-time web and network traffic.

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