Lyquidity Solutions releases SDK for ComplyXL allowing enterprises the ability to add spreadsheet control and management to their existing content and document management systems

12 March 2007

Lyquidity Solutions, a leader in technology innovation for spreadsheet control and management, today announced the availability of the software development kit (SDK) for ComplyXL. This release gives organizations the ability to embed ComplyXL functionality into their existing document and content management systems, as well as allowing organizations the flexibility of controlling how information is made available to users. The SDK comes as part of the ComplyXL bundle so is available to client organizations free of charge.

"Some tools for spreadsheet control and compliance require that organizations implement a second, dedicated, content management system" said Bill Seddon CEO of Lyquidity. "Using ComplyXL's SDK an organization can now add spreadsheet management and control to an existing content management system. This allows an organization to derive further benefit from their current investment and leverage their existing skill set rather then re-invest and re-train."

To use the SDK, programmers can choose to work with either Microsoft COM or Microsoft .NET programming models. Using the SDK existing systems can be enhanced to add version control and version history information to any spreadsheet document and to provide users with the ability to review and visualize changes. This makes it possible to extend existing content and document management systems into the area of compliance, governance and risk management of spreadsheets, a key requirement for a SOX compliance program. Lyquidity also provides a Java based version of the API as a chargeable extra for those organizations that need to run in a non-Windows environment.

"The software development kit is not an extra, bolt-on component or an after thought, it provides the same programming interfaces we use to implement both the ComplyXL Desktop and Enterprise versions so is robust and tested" said Sandy Marshall, Product Manager. "Our integration with Microsoft SharePoint Services is an example of the integration organisations can achieve using the Software Development Kit. In this case we have used the SDK to extend the capability of Microsoft's SharePoint Services so that users can review and visualize the changes made over time to spreadsheets held in a SharePoint document library."

The SDK makes it possible to embed spreadsheet control into a wide range of server or client systems. ComplyXL supports Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases and using the SDK it can be adapted to support the database of just about any document management system. With this, an organization is able to extend the features of an existing document management system by embedding ComplyXL functionality. In this way, the system can be extended to offer:

- a flexible role-based security model;
- fine grained control of documents; and
- be able to visualize and track the history of changes made to a spreadsheet document

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