JackBe Brings the Power of Ajax to the Ocean Shipping Industry

Chevy Chase, MD - 12 March 2007

INTTRA's new Ajax-based site, OceanSchedules.com, enhances usability and increases page performance by up to 300%

JackBe, the premier provider of Enterprise Web 2.0 infrastructure solutions that integrate SOA and Ajax to create Rich Enterprise Applications (REA), today announced the successful implementation of a newly Ajax-enabled e-commerce website, OceanSchedules.com , a Web service from INTTRA. INTTRA, the largest e-commerce platform for the ocean shipping industry, allows individuals to electronically plan, process and mange worldwide shipments quickly and effectively.

JackBe’s technology enables OceanSchedules.com to operate more effectively in emerging markets where network performance can be inconsistent, unreliable and slow. By leveraging Ajax development technology, OceanSchedules.com can now offer all ocean freight buyers an easy-to-use, more responsive site to search global ocean schedules.

“Web-based users of OceanSchedules.com operate from all around the world where bottlenecks, outages and low bandwidth networks can mean slow and frustrating page reload times. With the help of JackBe, the switch to Ajax has made a dramatic change to the speed of the site,” said Andy Barrons, INTTRA’s VP of Marketing. “Ajax enables us to offer new features to freight buyers, such as interactive schedule filtering, all on one page. Searching multiple carrier schedules is now instantaneous and we can now offer more schedule choices.”

INTTRA leveraged the JackBe NQ Suite to develop OceanSchedules.com with the mission of making it easier for all shippers and forwarders to select the carrier and vessel to fit their supply chain requirements. Through its JackBe implementation, OceanSchedules.com has increased its market share while providing an easier and more efficient solution for the ocean shipping industry.

“With the rapid deployment of JackBe’s globally deployable, enterprise-grade Ajax solution, we have increased our page performance by 40-300%, depending on the global location of the user, and enhanced the usability and richness of the application enabling our users an efficient and effective way to schedule shipping containers,” said Harry Sangree, Managing Director of OceanSchedules.com.

JackBe also recently signed INTTRA as a beta customer to its Enterprise Web 2.0 infrastructure solution, Presto. Presto has been engineered to provide the industry’s most comprehensive solution for delivering Rich Enterprise Applications.

“We are proud to have helped OceanSchedules.com realize such tremendous productivity gains using JackBe technology. The value and power of Ajax has been proven through our many successful implementations,” said Bob Bianchi, SVP of Sales and Marketing at JackBe. “We understand that by enabling the user while simultaneously enhancing the application’s functionality, companies are able to see immediate benefit in customer satisfaction and revenue growth.”

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