Innovative tool allows National Bank of Arkansas to look for gold within customer base

Vancouver, BC - 9 March 2007

National Bank of Arkansas selects Fincentric Leadbuilder, bank lead generation software, to drive customer awareness of bank offerings and referrals through the frontline. Fincentric Leadbuilder helps automate teller referral programs all the way to the sales desk. National Bank of Arkansas plans to implement the tool in all of its 8 branches.

Traditional marketing tools such as advertising and TV commercials are usually cost prohibitive for smaller financial institutions and the results are often difficult to measure. Fincentric Leadbuilder was designed to generate direct responses to offerings presented during day-to-day bank customer interactions. The offerings are targeted and highly relevant to each customer’s needs.

“We selected Fincentric Leadbuilder to enable tag-on sales. We believe that asking for the business is the first step in getting the business. There is a lot of gold yet to be discovered within our client base”, says Mike Mathes, President of National Bank of Arkansas. “Fincentric Leadbuilder will allow our frontline representatives to initiate a conversation about a related financial product, in a way that fits in the conversation naturally. And we can measure the results in real-time. We expect the pay-off to be visible from day one”, says Mathes.

Fincentric Leadbuilder provides warm leads to a bank’s sales teams – leads that have been generated through frontline representatives. Based on results obtained by other financial institutions using the tool, these leads have much greater close rates compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

“We welcome National Bank of Arkansas to our fast growing user base”, says Robert Nygren, Chief Executive Officer of Fincentric Corporation. “We are pleased to offer cost-effective alternatives that allow banks to meet more customer needs and to increase revenues”, says Nygren.

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