Fulcrum Fund Administrator Selects SuperDerivatives as Independent Revaluation Vendor

London / New York - 31 July 2007

SuperDerivatives®, the benchmark for options and the leading multi-asset derivatives platform for real time option pricing, independent revaluation, derivatives data, trading and risk management systems, has been chosen by Fulcrum Limited to perform revaluation services for its hedge fund clients. Fulcrum will be using SuperDerivatives’ SD-Revaluation for portfolios containing interest rate and credit derivatives.

Fulcrum services the hedge fund sector with complex and exotic strategies and structures that trade heavily in OTC instruments, derivatives, distressed securities, convertibles, credit default swaps, insurance-linked products, and private equity as well as more traditional security types such as equities and listed bonds.

“Within the industry we are seeing an increasing number of funds trading in hard to value OTC derivatives. To add value to our clients we pride ourselves on being able to service complex portfolios, which is why we looked for an independent, accurate and efficient revaluation source - a service that could easily handle any complex instrument,” said Tim Thornton, Director of Risk, Fulcrum. “Fund Auditors and Institutional Investors carrying out Due Diligence are increasingly demanding third party pricing. To meet these demands we need to continually expand our price sourcing. SuperDerivatives proved to be a natural fit for Fulcrum, providing deep OTC options expertise, market-accurate prices, and reliable automated IT integration into our accounting system. As an additional bonus, the company and its revaluation service are highly reputable with fund managers, investors, regulators and auditors alike which helps us grow our business.”

SD-Revaluation is powered by SuperDerivatives’ award-winning benchmark pricing model and provides unmatched coverage and true market values for an extremely broad range of vanilla and exotic instruments. It also provides market VaR risk and counterparty exposure analysis reports, as well as P&L and performance reporting for all asset classes, from credit through currencies, equities, energy and commodities.

Dani Weigert, Manager of the SuperDerivatives Revaluation Center said, ”We welcome Fulcrum to the leading group of fund administrators who count on our revaluation services for providing top quality service to their own fund clients. We work very rigorously to make the coverage and accuracy of our revaluation service the absolute best in the industry. Over the past year we have added coverage for credit derivatives which have seen tremendous growth. Having a market-reflective pricing model gives us the resources and expertise to support any underlying asset and derivative class. Credit derivatives’ special risk profile, together with recent economic news, demands specialist knowledge and attention which we are pleased to provide to all our customers.”

The SuperDerivatives benchmark pricing model is the only publicly available and market tested model whose accuracy in generating real tradable market prices has been proven and validated globally for over five years. It is therefore universally accepted as generating the genuine fair value of derivatives. All market data inputs are qualified by SuperDerivatives Market Data division. The entire valuation process utilizes state of the art technology infrastructure and is supported by a large R&D team as well as quantitative analysts and experienced options traders from various markets.

SuperDerivatives’ products, including real-time pricing and analytics systems, risk management systems, portfolio revaluation services, options market data portal and online trading capabilities, are used by numerous companies from both the buy and sell side. Its pricing platforms are used by almost all the banks around the world that are active in options, as well as by numerous corporations, asset managers, hedge funds, auditors and central banks.

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