Corporate-Kabala for corporate restructuring and M & A

London - 30 July 2007

The CEO of Peach, a compliance, risk and change management company in the UK today announced the release of this unique scheme for companies, to help them with their restructuring, mergers and acquisitions etc.

The scheme is based on the Author’s 34 year-experience and know-how that have helped blue chip companies and government agencies to save or increase revenue by an estimated 250-300 million US dollars.

The major problem of hierarchical organisation structures is conflict and time delays to get things done. This is chiefly due to the intersection of vertical reporting lines of managers, and horizontal, taskforce communication lines. But this is no longer a problem, as Corporate-Kabala springs to the rescue with a much more flexible 3-D communication and action lines.

The cornerstone of Corporate-Kabala is the Tree of Life Spheres and interactions. For the first time, this philosophy has been applied to corporate business structure and organisation layout, in a revolutionary fashion.

It does so by re-arranging corporate functions and interactions between 10 Spheres of influence in a circular-interchangeable style instead of a vertical-horizontal layout, as follows:

• CEO, Managing Director
• Change Programme Director
• Future Design & Planning Director
• Chief Auditor
• Finance Director
• HR & Welfare Director
• Customer Service Director
• Production Director
• IT, Facilities & Security Director
• Operations Director

The Institute of Management Specialists in the UK accredits Peach’s proven and successful techniques and training courses. IBM and other blue chip clients have hired Peach to examine their products and services and ways to improve them. After fit-gap analysis, identification and rectification of shortcomings, Peach helps their clients to attain their goals with its unique techniques, and subsequently certifies the products or services as ‘fit for purpose’.

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