Tempus Consulting Launches FXView, First Daily Foreign Currency Market Blog

Washington, DC – 24 July 2007

Clients with international supply chains and payments in foreign currencies save money and reduce risk via real-time communications with foreign exchange traders

Tempus Consulting, a leader in foreign exchange (FX) and cross-border payment solutions for small and middle-market businesses with international supply chains, today announced the launch of FXView, the first daily foreign currency market blog by a money service business.

Written by traders at the Tempus head office in Washington, DC, FXView provides market summaries and news of the latest developments in major global currencies including the dollar, euro, yen and pound. Visitors to the blog can also communicate directly with the Tempus currency trading room, obtaining value-added insight on the fast-moving foreign exchange market directly from the experts.

“We launched FXView in response to our clients’ requests for something different and more advanced than the static, one-directional communications that are commonly provided by other money service businesses in the banking industry,” said Tempus Consulting president Daniel Wellington.

“Our business is designing and delivering tailored solutions that meet clients’ needs for speed, efficiency, economy, and personalized service from seasoned professionals. Establishing an interactive blog, the first of its kind, was a natural for us. It’s an extension of what we’ve been doing for years,” he added.

Tempus Consulting’s currency experts are frequently quoted in prestigious business media such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times, and CNBC. The company’s head of trading, Greg Salvaggio, remarked, “Connecting with Tempus’s trading nerve-center gives our clients the critical information they need to manage their foreign currency exposure and to execute their payments in an extremely cost-effective and risk-controlled manner.”

As one long-standing Tempus client in the automotive industry put it, “This Blog is great! Our relationships with our overseas suppliers are very important to our success, and paying our invoices on time, in local currency, helps to make those relationships run smoothly. There’s no substitute for direct communication with the experts for giving us the kind of insightful currency market information that helps us do that.”

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