Paremus partners with ObjectSecurity to deliver Secure Enterprise Service Fabrics

Cambridge and London, UK - 19 July 2007

Strong security for Infiniflow SOA environments can be centrally and consistently managed from OpenPMF

ObjectSecurity, the leading solutions provider for secure information sharing in mission-critical industries, today announced their plans to partner with Paremus Ltd., a visionary that delivers innovative products to meet the demands for distributed service-oriented application runtime platforms. ObjectSecurity and Paremus signed a partnership agreement and announced their plans to integrate ObjectSecurity’s OpenPMF™ security policy management with Paremus’s Infiniflow™ platform.

OpenPMF/Infiniflow coming together

ObjectSecurity’s Open Policy Management Framework (OpenPMF) is a technology framework and product for centralized security policy management and enforcement for complex distributed systems. The main benefits are reduced complexity/cost, and more effective security. It offers far better flexibility and manageability than traditional federated identity and access solutions or other current products in the market offer. A consistent security policy can be automatically generated using ObjectSecurity’s SecureMDA™ model driven security technology, and stored and graphically administered in a central, meta-model based repository and automatically enforced through local policy enforcement points (PEPs) on any networked system and application. Furthermore, intuitive, domain specific policies can be graphically specified and managed by security staff. The OpenPMF series is part of ObjectSecurity’s TrustedSOA™ bundle which helps secure agile SOA environments.

Paremus’s Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric (ESF) is a suite of robust, lightweight, distributed, standards-based, component SOA platforms capable of supporting the simplest application and the most sophisticated composite business system. Both OSGi & SCA compliant, and supporting Spring and other POJO development models, Infiniflow makes building, deploying, scaling and managing robust composite services simple. Infiniflow bridges the gap between distributed service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications and distributed service-oriented infrastructure (SOI). Infiniflow increases business agility while simultaneously reducing cost and complexity. Being model driven, Infiniflow is an ideal platform for ObjectSecurity’s SecureMDA component of the OpenPMF technology series. SecureMDA allows the automatic generation of security policies from models.

The benefits of the integrated products will be that strong security for Infiniflow based environments can be centrally and consistently managed from OpenPMF. Security policies can automatically be generated from Infiniflow models with minimal human intervention. Moreover, security policies can be fine-tuned, and compliance can be monitored, in the central graphical OpenPMF console.

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