SlaterLabs Etude™ Software sets new world performance records at HP’s European Benchmarking Centre

Geneva - 17 July 2007

Benchmark conducted by a joint team from HP, Microsoft, EDS and SlaterLabs

SlaterLabs Inc. today announced the results of a series of significant mission critical transaction processing benchmark tests designed to determine the performance, reliability and scalability of the Etude™ System, the first universal banking application built entirely on Microsoft’s .NET Framework. The benchmark focused on a realistic mix of complex banking transactions to ensure the integrity of the results, simulating a large scale tier one bank with over 10 million customers and 40 million accounts.

These results have established a number of new world records for banking application software performance. Etude achieved a staggering 7,129 business transactions per second throughput over a sustained business day period without dip or failure; more than 69,000 database batches per second throughput over the same business day period; and less than .045 second response time for all transactions throughout all periods.

Furthermore, exhaustive testing for horizontal and vertical scalability demonstrated consistent linear growth behaviour results, thereby guaranteeing optimised utilisation of infrastructure resources for configurations based on individual customer processing needs.

Testing took place at HP’s European Benchmarking Centre in Böblingen, Germany between 2nd and 11th July 2007. The benchmark used HP’s latest and most technologically advanced HP Integrity Superdome running Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 database. It also comes at a time when the four companies are simultaneously announcing enhanced collaborations to provide financial services organisations with full access to the each company’s latest products and services in support of Etude and SlaterLabs recently announced Etude-Virtuoso™ Internet-based banking software offering.

“These results will further encourage the largest banks in the world to seriously evaluate their current mainframe based strategies against the robust, secure and scalable alternative offered by Etude and our market leading technology and professional services partners. The opportunity to drastically reduce annual core software and infrastructure costs by many millions of dollars is unprecedented in the industry” says John Slater, Chairman and CEO, SlaterLabs. “We are extremely pleased at the new high performance standards being set by Etude, as this initial benchmarking clearly demonstrates just how much technology has advanced over the past decade when properly applied to mission critical transaction processing systems using homogenously designed architectures and technologies. SlaterLabs in-depth banking knowledge, combined with the respective leadership of HP, Microsoft and EDS, allows us to introduce market changing alternatives for our customers across the entire spectrum of the financial services industry.”

Commenting on the benchmark testing, Szilard Szurdok, HP’s Director of Technology Solutions Group, Financial Services Industry EMEA said “HP’s agile and adaptive enterprise infrastructure provides a perfect vehicle to deliver Etude to banks worldwide, and we are looking forward to continue to work closely with SlaterLabs to deliver innovative technology and software solutions to the financial services industry. We believe this powerful combination will allow our joint customers to improve their business agility while at the same time dramatically reduce their technology and application software development and maintenance costs. We are very excited to be playing a lead role in delivering these major benefits to the global banking community.”

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