New York - 17 July 2007

Strong demand for fast, global trading

FIX Flyer, a leader in institutional trading solutions, announces that FIXtp is now live for trading in Japanese markets, and now covers all major global markets with support in North America, Europe and Asia.

Statistical Arbitrage, Algorithmic, and program trading clients use FIXtp to send lists of equity orders that get validated and translated to the FIX protocol at message rates of over 15,000 orders per second.

The trades are sent to high-speed DMA providers and program trading desks at global investment banks. FIXtp is a service that combines FIX Engine, certification, network, and Order Management System functionality into one single process managed by FIX Flyer’s support operations.

FIX Flyer has been experiencing strong demand from traders who need access to an increasing number of international routing destinations, with firms pursuing global algorithmic, high speed, and high volume trading.

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