DataSynapse Listed as Sample Vendor of Real-Time Infrastructure in Leading Industry Analyst Firm’s “Hype Cycle” Report

London - 12 July 2007

DataSynapse Believes Its Application Virtualisation Technology Makes Real-Time Infrastructure a Possibility for Any Enterprise

DataSynapse, the global provider of application virtualisation software, announced today that Gartner listed it as a sample vendor for the real-time infrastructure (RTI) market in its recent “Hype Cycle for IT Operations Management, 2007” report. The report aims to separate “hype” from reality in the IT operations management space, which is crowded with vendors, solutions and processes that not only help enterprises achieve business results by delivering and managing mission-critical infrastructure and services, but also enable innovation. Gartner profiled RTI as an emerging technology that can significantly contribute to the success of IT operations management with its benefit rating of “transformational” and identified DataSynapse as a sample vendor.

According to Gartner, RTI is defined as “a shared IT infrastructure (across customers, business units or applications) in which business policies and service-level agreements drive dynamic and automatic allocation and optimisation of IT resources so that service levels are predictable and consistent, despite the unpredictable demand for IT services. Where resources are constrained, business policies determine how resources are allocated to meet business goals.”

Through DataSynapse’s application virtualisation technology, RTI becomes possible. With DataSynapse’s flagship products – GridServer® and FabricServer™ – departments can create flexible infrastructures that adjust to meet demand dynamically using existing resources, which would otherwise be dedicated to other applications. Regular business demands become easier to address and IT professionals can assume a proactive posture to business change – such as M&A activity or new systems implementations – instead of reacting.

“The majority of IT organisations view RTI as an imperative,” according to Gartner analyst Donna Scott, Research VP in IT Operations. “RTI has three value propositions expressed as business goals: reduced costs, achieved by better, more-efficient resource usage and by reduced IT operations management costs; improved service levels, achieved by dynamic tuning of IT services; and increased agility, achieved by rapid provisioning of new services or resources and scaling of established services.”

“As pioneers in the application virtualisation space, DataSynapse’s solutions are uniquely positioned to support corporate decision-makers as they apply the best components of their existing and new technologies to meet aggressive business demands,” said Peter Lee, CEO and co-founder of DataSynapse. “As IT departments continue to struggle with complex and costly technology infrastructure issues, all while under pressure to improve results, RTI will be imperative for every enterprise to have vital, long-term IT success."

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