Iconium Announces Industry-First Solution to Enforce User Acceptance of Corporate Policies and Standards

Horsham, UK – 3 January 2007

‘Policy Manager Enforcer’ Offers First Authoritative Link Between User Corporate Policy Acceptance and Organisation Resource Access

Iconium Limited, a leading UK provider of corporate governance and compliance solutions, today announced the Policy Manager Enforcer, a solution that, when used in conjunction with the Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Appliance, can restrict access to network resources based on a user’s acceptance of either organisational, regulatory, legal or industry-specific policies and standards. The combined Iconium and Cisco solutions mark a significant evolution in the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) technology market.

Policy Manager Enforcer is an extension of Iconium’s Policy Manager, a best-in-class governance solution. It integrates with Cisco’s Network Admission Control (NAC) and helps ensure that users on NAC-enabled endpoints accept corporate policies and procedures, such as Information Security, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Discrimination, Data Protection Act, and Financial Services Authority (FSA) guidelines, prior to gaining access to the network. It automatically denies access to any non-compliant individual, allowing organisations to reduce the legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance.

Together, the Iconium and Cisco solutions address one of the largest compliance challenges that companies face today, that of taking immediate and appropriate action on employees who have not agreed to requisite policies, procedures and regulations. For the first time, organisations can automatically quarantine employees who are non-compliant with any policy by controlling access directly at the network layer.

“Organisations are demanding that the network infrastructure contributes to executing on their compliance strategy. I believe that the Iconium and Cisco solutions represent a sea-change in the GRC market,” said Nigel Kilpatrick, marketing director, Iconium Limited. "They will save our customers a tremendous amount of money and resources by automating the denial of network access in the event a user is non-compliant. Customers will now be able to demonstrate clearly to regulators, shareholders and the public that they have adopted compliance and risk controls from the infrastructure up.”

“The Policy Manager Enforcer from Iconium extends the value of Cisco Network Admission Control,” said Niall El-Assaad, product manager for the Cisco NAC Appliance. “The solution highlights the role the infrastructure can — indeed, should — play in helping an organisation secure its business and ensure compliance requirements. With Iconium, the link between compliance control and network infrastructure is a compelling reality.”

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