CityCompass Announces Outsourcing Agreement

London, UK - 5 January 2007

CityCompass, the independent information supplier and facilitator of contemporary market issues affecting the financial services sector, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Countisbury Lodge for the outsourcing of its event organisation and publishing activities.

Gary Wright the Chairman of CityCompass and one of its founders said: “CityCompass has a well established brand and is recognised for providing high quality events and publications. We have a growing client contact list and a website that has been generating a fast growing number of visitors each month. Our business plan has always included the development of a unique company with true independence and a portal for the user, enabling different types of business information to be marketed and sold. CityCompass has always operated a genuine outsourced operation with its marketing and sales, but now through the agreement with Countisbury Lodge the event organising and publications management will also be managed under contract. This arrangement with Countisbury Lodge significantly reduces cost overheads and increases the profit potential of the business. We are delighted that we have come to this agreement with Countisbury Lodge especially as it reacquaints old friends of CityCompass.”

Rod Williams, Chairman of Countisbury Lodge agreed: “As Gary says, my colleagues and I are delighted to have become involved again in CityCompass. At this time of enormous potential for the financial services industry globally, but particularly here in London, we are honoured to be playing an instrumental role in the next stage of CityCompass’s growth. We look forward to working closely with the rest of the CityCompass team in the coming months and years to develop truly innovative and useful products for our friends in finance.”

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