Yipes and NASDAQ Agree to Offer Market Data Access and Trading Through Yipes’ Innovative FinancialConnect! Platform

San Francisco – 29 January 2007

Nation’s Largest Electronic Stock Market to Use the First Ever Ethernet-Based Extranet for Market Data and Trades

Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc., today announced an agreement with the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. (NASDAQ: NDAQ) to offer market data access and trading capabilities through the Yipes FinancialConnect!SM platform. The Yipes network will be the first Ethernet-based extranet used by the exchange.

Yipes FinancialConnect! is the first-ever Ethernet-based extranet for electronic trading capable of directly delivering financial market and exchange data to banks, brokers, hedge funds, and institutional investors.

“As NASDAQ continues to leverage its established technological strengths and trading efficiency, we are pleased to collaborate with Yipes to support our growth,” said Randall Hopkins, vice president, NASDAQ Market Data. “As markets continue to measure trades in ever smaller, more precise increments, the ability of platforms to reliably handle large amounts of data becomes more critical than ever.”

The agreement represents a major step forward in the development of Yipes FinancialConnect! and further validates Ethernet as the next-generation network of choice for electronic trading. The successful launch of the FinancialConnnect! suite of services highlights Yipes’ ongoing evolution from leading carrier to a trusted source of content for the financial community. The dramatic rise in electronic trading volume continues to be a major issue for exchanges at all levels, making trading technology and connectivity innovation increasingly important operational considerations.

“Milliseconds matter in today’s trading environments,” said Pankaj Agnihotri, chief information officer for Hudson Securities, Inc. “We need connectivity that offers us the lowest latency coupled with the greatest reliability. The Yipes network delivers just that. For us, delays in connectivity can literally mean a difference in dollars when it comes to turning trades or taking positions in the market.”

Yipes currently links hundreds of financial services firms to member exchanges and trading platforms. These organizations use Yipes to secure fast, cost-effective access to critical market information and services at instantly scalable speeds. The result is faster trade execution and increased order fulfillment. The Yipes network is uniquely equipped to address the changing needs of today’s financial community. Yipes FinancialConnect! employs Yipes’ secure, global, fiber-based network and guarantees connectivity with some of the most aggressive service level agreements (SLAs) in the industry.

“From its inception, NASDAQ has been a pioneer in leveraging technology to make trading more efficient and effective at every level. The selection of Yipes’ FinancialConnect! as NASDAQ’s first-ever Ethernet-based extranet will bring the unique strengths of our platform to their member firms,” said John Panzica, Yipes general manager for Financial Services.

In concert with the launch of Yipes FinancialConnect! last month, Yipes also announced an agreement with the IntercontinentalExchange® (ICE). ICE was the first exchange to offer extranet connectivity via the Yipes network. Yipes expects to announce additional exchange agreements in the coming months.

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