Redwood City, CA. – 30 January 2007

Service Oriented Architecture Approach Drives Business Agility and Flexibility

Corticon Technologies, a leader in model-driven Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), today announced its acceptance to the IBM SOA Specialty after successfully completing IBM’s rigorous SOA technical and business requirements. Corticon’s Business Rules Management System integrates with the IBM SOA Foundation, a single, integrated platform that combines the industry’s top application server and integration capabilities.

The IBM SOA Specialty provides technical enablement and a skills-building roadmap for partners who want to access the growing SOA market opportunity.

“SOA is an increasingly important business requirement for organizations because of the business flexibility it enables,” said Sandy Carter, vice president, SOA and WebSphere, IBM Software Group. “Corticon’s commitment to SOA provides their customers with a powerful way to make Business Rules based Decision Services a natural part of their SOA based solution.”

Corticon has designed solutions to bring unique value to business rules management while aligning to the principals of a service oriented architecture.

· Corticon is a model-driven Business Rules Management System that allows organizations to model the logic of their decisions in an excel-like user interface. Any logic that could be created in a programming environment (like Java) can be modeled in Corticon at a significantly lower cost. Corticon has built-in analytics that finds all logic problems, like conflicting or missing rules, and graphically shows the rules modeler how to fix the logic.

· Corticon’s rules models are then automatically generated into executable web-services, complete with everything needed (e.g. WSDLs) to be seamlessly consumed within IBM’s SOA Foundation.

· Corticon’s Enterprise Data Connector allows the Corticon’s rules engine (Corticon Business Rules Server) to connect to organization data sources (databases, XML, etc.) and marshal the data needed to run the rules. This allows organization to quickly change the rules-based Decision Service without causing the calling applications to change.

“Corticon was designed from the ground up with SOA in mind,” said David Straus, SVP Marketing at Corticon Technologies. “Unlike other products that simply wrap a web-services interface around their rules engine, Corticon’s BRMS produces each decision as an independent Decision Service. This allows Corticon to live up to the highest goals of atomic services that can be created and managed independently, reused and leveraged universally and abstracted from the calling application to assure changes to the Decision Service has little to no impact on the applications that depend on the service.”

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