Community Savings Successfully Converts to Fincentric Wealthview Banking™ Internally with own IT Team

Vancouver, BC, - 29 January 2007

When B.C.-based Community Savings chose to convert to Fincentric Wealthview Banking software in 2006, their own IT team successfully handled the majority of the conversion and implementation of the straightforward technology. Fincentric Corporation, a leading global provider of core retail banking software to financial institutions, provided the credit union with technical consulting, custom interface and post-implementation support.

The smooth conversion to Wealthview Banking software by the credit union’s small IT team illustrates the ease of configuration and inherent workability of the system. “We had the in-house expertise, and the superior design of the system enabled our own IT department to complete the bulk of the conversion, on time and on budget,” says Dana Dekker, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Technology.

Community Savings, B.C.’s largest fully-unionized credit union with $248 million in assets, produced its project plan, scope of work and revisited any gaps before implementing the high-performance technology, a process that took about four months. “We remained committed to using Wealthview Banking out of the box as much as possible, reducing complexity and development requirements,” adds Dekker. “It is a proven and reliable core platform, which further reduced our need to look outside for help.”

Community Savings required a scalable banking system that met its vision to provide improved service to its 10,000 members across five branches using an enhanced Internet banking service, as well as leverage the new Microsoft technologies and rich functionality added to Wealthview Banking twice a year through the Fincentric Service Pack strategy. The complete front-end to back office banking core solution supports integrated delivery across channels and offers real-time, online transaction processing.

Wealthview Banking is a scalable, high-performance core banking software solution that will grow with the credit union’s expanding needs, help to streamline processes and offer higher levels of personalized service. Community Savings upgraded to MemberDirect® 5.0, an Internet banking service to help its members better manage their daily online transactions. New services offered through MemberDirect® and Wealthview Banking include: enhanced account activity and summary, one-click bill payment, up to 250 online vendors, future and recurring bill payment and transfers set-up, printable cheque images and statement downloads to Quicken, Money, Books and XLS, in time for the upcoming income tax season.

The conversion to Wealthview Banking has been a smooth process for Community Savings and its members. “None of this would have been possible without the personal involvement of Fincentric CEO, Rob Nygren. Having this direct access to Mr. Nygren was the clear advantage in working with a local, flat and transparent organization like Fincentric,” says Dekker. “In addition, we are deeply grateful for all the hard work of the Fincentric development team. They did an amazing job. This level of support speaks volumes about the personality and heart of Fincentric and its drive for excellence.”

“We are thrilled with the hard work and determination of the Community Savings team to make this conversion a success primarily using their own IT resources. Their leadership team is second to none and played an exceptional role. The success of the Community Savings conversion showcases the confidence our customers have in the Fincentric core banking technology,” says Robert Nygren, President and CEO of Fincentric Corporation. “We’re excited to continue to offer additional support to Community Savings as they grow and offer more services to match their member needs across B.C.”

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