BIS FORPOST Migrates to Oracle 10g

Vilnius - January 2007

Forbis Ltd. - SAMPO bankas AB bank performed migration of the database server from Oracle 9i r. 2 RAC to Oracle 10g r. 2 RAC. Thus, one of the most rapidly growing banks in Lithuania will ensure better quality and speed of the provided services. Since 1998 SAMPO bank has been operating the FORPOST Banking Information System, and continually develops and improves the spectrum of the provided services, and searches for the best innovative solutions.

A rapid process of FORPOST migration was performed while taking into consideration the optimisation of the SAMPO bank database. The Forbis Company took part in performing the project testing. The work group consisted of the specialists of quality control, development, analysis and reporting as well as system administration.

The research on the speed of operation of the FORPOST Banking Information System and the hardware are performed by sequentially increasing the volume of the serviced database as well as the quantity of users. In the course of testing special software tools, imitating high load of the database and operation of many users, are being used. The “Spotlight on Oracle” software (the product of “Quest Software”) was used, while testing the software of the SAMPO bank in order to monitor operational characteristics. The specialists of the Forbis Company performed the tests in the following three stages: implementation of the system in the test RAC environment, imitation of the load, and migration. During the entire period of migration database operation peculiarities were monitored, i.e. speed, response time, comparison of the operation of Oracle 10g r.2 RAC and Oracle 9i r.2 RAC. The work was performed according to the previously set characteristics of test sessions. Taking into consideration the obtained results of the imitated situations, it may be stated that the testing process was successfully completed. In the course of the actual migration the system administration specialists of the Forbis Company performed processes control and monitoring.

The Forbis Company, developer of the FORPOST banking information system, already provides its services in four countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and Belarus. Every year the company is engaging more qualified IT specialists.

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