EuroMTS and Slovenia to Create Domestic Government Securities Market

London - 3 January 2007

EuroMTS Limited is pleased to announce an agreement with the Republic of Slovenia to create a domestic secondary market for Slovenian euro-government securities in conjunction with the entrance of the Republic of Slovenia into EMU at the beginning of 2007.

This new market, MTS Slovenia, represents MTS’s 12th domestic euro-government bond market. Domestic and international primary dealer participants, as well as the Ministry of Finance, will comprise the governance body.

“We look forward to further developing our government securities market with MTS, whose commitment to transparency and efficiency will foster improved liquidity for our bonds,” said Stanislava Zadravec-Caprirolo, General Director, Treasury Directorate, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Slovenia. “The distribution of Slovenian government debt via the MTS participant network is a crucial component of our entry into the eurozone in 2007.”

“We remain committed to the growth of international bond markets, particularly in Europe because it represents the foundation of MTS,” said Gianluca Garbi, Chief Executive Officer, EuroMTS. “Therefore, we look forward to building a domestic market in Slovenia, which will facilitate their integration into the euro-government debt market and contribute to the harmonization of European capital markets.”

“The creation of a domestic MTS market in Slovenia represents a significant opportunity to expand the investor base for Slovenian government debt and thereby increase turnover,” said Jernej Doles, General Manager, Nova Ljubljanska banka. “We fully support the growth of the Slovenian bond market through the further development of the primary dealer system and the introduction of an MTS market.”

“The linking of the Slovenian bond market to participants across Europe through the MTS network will enable us to more actively contribute to the growth of this bond market,” said Amaury D’Orsay, Managing Director, Head of Liquid Bond Trading, Europe, Société Générale. “As such, we welcome the creation of a domestic MTS market in Slovenia and we look forward to its development.”

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