Paremus and Gatespace Telematics announce initiative to deliver commercial support, training and consulting for open source OSGi implementations

London, UK and Gothenburg, Sweden - 26 January 2007

Paremus, developer of SOA-based Infiniflow™ distributed services platform products and sponsor of the Newton Project, and Gatespace Telematics AB, the provider of Knopflerfish™, an open source certified OSGi service platform, today announced the launch of the “OSGi4Enterprise” initiative, a commercial venture offering support, training and consulting services for open source OSGi implementations Equinox, Felix and Knopflerfish.

“The strength of the service oriented design of the OSGi service platform is proving to be directly applicable beyond the embedded world it was originally designed for, and the level of interest in using OSGi for enterprise applications is increasing rapidly,” said Christer Larsson, CEO and founder of Gatespace Telematics. “OSGi provides the enterprise with the requisite foundations for successfully deploying the next generation of service oriented composite applications, and our announcement is in support of the Enterprise Expert Group recently formed by the OSGi Alliance”.

“Enterprise software is becoming too large and too complex for user organizations to deal with. Often they find themselves deploying large software platforms they know will be utilized only in part in the context of enterprise-class service oriented architecture. Technologies aimed at deploying only the needed software capabilities when needed and in a dynamic and coherent fashion, would enable organizations to optimize their IT costs and improve their operational flexibility.” said Massimo Pezzini, VP Distinguished Analyst with Gartner.

“OSGi directly addresses the core issue of complexity in the enterprise by allowing composite applications to be dynamically assembled in a coherent fashion, whilst also enabling effective code re-use. The availability of commercial support is, however, a critical factor to the widespread enterprise adoption of OSGi.” said Richard Nicholson, CEO and founder of Paremus. “While Paremus and Gatespace Telematics have taken the initiative to create a professional support structure for developers and enterprises seeking to exploit the benefits of OSGi technology, we are keen to welcome participation from individuals, communities and vendors able to provide high quality OSGi services. Interested parties should contact us via the OSGi4Enterprise website.”

Many see 2007 as the foundation year for enterprise OSGi. Indeed Rod Johnson, the founder of the Spring Framework, and CEO of Interface21, the company behind the Spring Framework, recently predicted that “Spring OSGi is going to be a very big story in 2007.”

Consulting and training services are available for Equinox, Felix and Knopflerfish open source OSGi implementations immediately. Commercial support will be available from 1st March 2007.

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