Remove The Risk Of Non-Compliance With Software Organiser 4.0

Ayr, Scotland - 24 January 2007

• Gain control of your ‘actual’ software licensing situation

Business Continuity Services (BCS) is proud to announce the release of its new industry leading license compliance solution, Software Organiser version 4.0.

Software Organiser 4.0 enables companies to qualify, assess, address and reduce the risk of non-compliance through the effective management and tracking of company software licences. This easy-to-use product complements any auditing tool, enabling organisations to implement effective Software Asset Management (SAM) Programmes. It is also a strategic aid in achieving and maintaining the FAST Standard for Software Compliance (FSSC-1:2004).

Software Organiser customer, Richard Brown, Head of Business Improvement for Experian (a global leader in the provision of analytical and information services) explains why: “Software Organiser is a pivotal tool enabling us to achieve software compliance. We log, store and manage all our licence reconciliation using Software Organiser. It effectively enables us to accurately reconcile over 600,000 licences from 5,700 Proof of Purchase entries for over 6,000 computers.”

Compliance is critical

The latest findings from The Federation Against Software Theft (The Federation)’s annual SAM Survey reinforced that compliance is a pressing business issue. 67 per cent of companies see software compliance as a Board level issue and 76 per cent of participants were either ‘highly’ or ‘very highly’ concerned about the legal implications of failing to be software compliant.

Increasing legislation and greater policing means that organisations need to protect themselves against liability, or they could face unlimited fines, damaged brand reputation, and worse case, imprisonment. Every organisation needs a SAM strategy to control the growing cost of software licensing and to identify the risk of unlicensed software. Software Organiser 4.0 can also help to identify areas of overspend, as well as define the process for implementing a licence compliance strategy.

Anton Schnider, Technical Director, BCS, explains: “Licence management is about the management of licences not installs. Software Organiser 4.0 is a major step forward for software compliance technology as it provides the foundation for new and innovative SAM solutions. This latest version is 100 per cent compatible with the FAST Standard for Software Compliance (FSSC-1:2004) and is an essential tool for implementing a successful SAM Programme and maintaining licence control.”

Setting the standard

Software Organiser 4.0 supports all stages on the road to achieving FSSC-1:2004. The steps to FAST Audit Certification can be difficult to achieve, especially when you can’t commit the personnel resources required. Software Organiser 4.0 can help to ease the pain. Peter Kay, Director of Services for FAST Limited, says:
“Once you have achieved compliance the biggest risk is not maintaining control of your compliance position. Software Organiser 4.0 not only helps companies to achieve compliance status, but it then works to retain this level and is an effective tool for companies seeking to achieve SAM best practice.”

Additionally, BCS has maintained its involvement with the new International Standard for Software Asset Management (ISO/IEC 19770-1) to ensure Software Organiser is up-to-date with the ISO Standard’s present and future needs.

Raising the bar

All new and enhanced features for Software Organiser 4.0 were developed in response to requests from customers and hands on industry consultants. With the new version of Software Organiser, full IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) support for the recording and reporting of software contract and procurement data is now offered. Additionally, the close relationship that BCS has developed with software publishers has helped Software Organiser 4.0 to become the most effective tool to measure and reduce the risk of non compliance.

Software Organiser 4.0 focuses on the recording and analysis of actual software licensing documentation, enabling customers to; establish and prove software licence compliance, successfully negotiate with software providers and efficiently manage software maintenance and renewals.

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