Talisman Software navigate the thicket of financial compliance

Toronto - 22 January 2007

TalisWare Ratioâ„¢, a new software package from Talisman Software, can accurately record, monitor and report client compliance to financial regulations.

TalisWare Ratio, the newly launched software package from Talisman Software, promises to make financial compliance simpler and more effective, to minimize risk and reduce the cost of monitoring.

“Financial compliance with spreadsheets is increasingly a vital area of concentration for many companies, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance adds additional requirements,” says Robin Barker of Talisman Software. “TalisWare Ratio navigates through that thicket of regulations to efficiently and effectively report compliance standards.”

Client financial data is entered into TalisWare Ratio using a spreadsheet interface. Ratio’s functionality allows customers to standardize layout and define formulas to suit specific companies or industries. Ratio automatically detects and reports on breaches or warnings. The reports generated help reduce the risk of non-compliance as well as the costs of client monitoring.

Specifically, TalisWare Ratio produces structured spreadsheets with standard formulas that can be selectively modified by users, depending on their security level. The product features highly customizable screens, formulas and nomenclature.

Talisman developed a financial compliance system similar to Ratio for Canada’s largest bank, RBC Royal Bank, from 2001 to 2003.

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