FlexTrade Launches FlexPTS

Great Neck, NY - 23 January 2007

Portfolio Trade Scheduler Will Optimize Arrival Price Strategies Balancing Risk and Market Impact

FlexTrade Systems, a leader in multi-asset algorithmic execution management systems, today announced the rollout of its new FlexPTS (portfolio trade scheduler) trading solution, which enables users to determine the best trading trajectory for their portfolios while minimizing market-impact cost and the risk of underperforming benchmarks.

Utilizing state of the art optimization technology, FlexPTS establishes the optimal portfolio trading schedule weighing all the available data, such as user inputs, risk factor correlations, implied volatility, the estimated market impact cost, and the trader’s short-term alpha goals. While the system initially employs its own cost model, as well as the highly regarded short-term equity risk models from Northfield Information Services, FlexPTS is adaptable to any cost and risk models in use today.

According to Vijay Kedia, president and CEO of Flextrade Systems, pre-trade planning has always been a challenge in the industry. “It’s been particularly problematic for buy-side institutions, which need to maintain complete confidentiality and control of their portfolios. With FlexPTS, users can not only optimize their pre-trade schedules, but also implement real-time schedule adjustments due to its extremely fast computation. This is another example of advanced capabilities bundled with our FlexTRADER EMS, the leading broker-neutral trading platform in the world.”

Other features available through FlexPTS include:

. Optimization for Implementation Short Fall or Market on Close
. Determining the ideal start and end time for the trade
. Generation of trading schedules for part of a day or multiple days
. Support for portfolio and industry cash constraints as well as general linear constraints
. Maximum trading participation within specified time frames

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