FUTRAK selected by Madison Gas and Electric

18 January 2007

INSSINC, a global supplier of FAS133 and IAS39 software, announced today that MGE Energy, an electric generation and natural gas purchaser and distributor, has chosen FUTRAK for its FAS133 solution, encompassing Mark-to Market, Effectiveness Testing and Accounting, as well as normal purchase and sales management and Regulatory hedge accounting.

MGE Energy Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary operating in five business segments:
Electric Utility Operations, which involve generating, purchasing, and distributing
electricity through MGE; Gas Utility Operations, which include purchasing and
distributing natural gas through MGE; Non-regulated Energy Operations, which consist of constructing, owning, and leasing new electric generating capacity through its wholly owned subsidiaries MGE Power LLC, MGE Power Elm Road, LLC and MGE Power West Campus, LLC; Transmission Investments, which involve investing in com panies in the business of providing electric transmission services, such as American Transmission Company LLC (ATC); and All Other, which includes investing in companies and property which relate to the regulated operations, financing the regulated operations, or providing construction services to the other subsidiaries.

“With FUTRAK’s superior capabilities, we have been fortunate to capture the lion’s share of the utilities market for compliance with FAS133, and INSSINC welcomes MGE Energy to its continually growing client base,” quoted Richard Kulaszewski, VP Sales.

Founded in 1983, INSSINC provides FAS133 software as an ASP or On-site implementation to energy and commodities companies. INSSINC, which maintains
offices in the United States and Europe, has a module for IAS39 under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and has several clients achieving hedge accounting using it, as well a module for companies that hedge storage to achieve Cash Flow or Fair Value hedge accounting.

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