Prodiance Extends Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Spreadsheet Compliance

San Ramon , Calif. – 15 January 2007

Prodiance Introduces Spreadsheet Compliance Solution for Microsoft SharePoint Customers

Prodiance Corporation, a world leader in delivering comprehensive business solutions for improving compliance with today’s corporate, regulatory and legal mandates, today announced the availability of the Prodiance Spreadsheet Compliance Edition for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. This powerful new solution helps organizations improve compliance and reduce errors in the financial closing process, tighten internal controls for critical spreadsheets, and boost productivity for finance and accounting end users.

Improving Compliance

To satisfy financial compliance mandates such as SOX 404, FDICIA, OCC, MiFID, Combined Code, and Basel II, leading tax and audit firms are now recommending tighter internal controls for critical spreadsheets used in the financial reporting process. Prodiance has developed an integrated solution for spreadsheet compliance and end-user computing based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This powerful solution combines market leading spreadsheet discovery, inventory, migration, analysis, reporting, and auditing technologies from Prodiance with world class content management and workflow infrastructure from Microsoft. The result is a solution that is intuitive and easy-to-use for end users, peace of mind for executives and auditors, and future proof for IT organizations.

Leveraging Investments in Microsoft

“Many of the key controls required for managing critical spreadsheets are already built-into SharePoint 2007, including: document management, version control, access control, records retention, workflow automation, enterprise search, and business intelligence dashboards,” said Dr. Soheil Saadat, president and CEO of Prodiance Corporation. “Combined with industry-leading spreadsheet analytics and spreadsheet auditing tools from Prodiance, SharePoint 2007 is the ideal platform for automating internal controls over critical spreadsheets.”

Solution Components
The Prodiance Spreadsheet Compliance Edition for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 incorporates an integrated suite of products from both companies, including:

Prodiance Link Migration Manager – A powerful application that migrates spreadsheets from uncontrolled desktops and shared drives into controlled SharePoint 2007 repositories while automatically updating any embedded links to map to their new web folder locations.

Prodiance Spreadsheet IQ – A high performance add-in for Microsoft Office Excel that automates spreadsheet discovery, inventory, risk-based analysis, multi-workbook reporting, dependency mapping, and documentation processes.
Prodiance Spreadsheet Compliance Manager – A web service for Microsoft Office Excel that automatically audits and compares formula, data, macro, and VB code changes for critical spreadsheets for better reporting, alerting, and tracking of key performance and risk indicators.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 – The defacto standard for analyzing and reporting on complex financial data.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – A collaborative web based portal with enterprise class collaboration, document and records management, document security, workflow, access control, version control, rights management, analytics, enterprise search, and more!

Better Visibility and Control

“The combination of Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Prodiance compliance technologies may enable organizations to accelerate remediation and compliance efforts for critical financial and operational spreadsheets, providing auditors and executives with peace of mind, and boosting productivity for end users,” said Diana Beckman, NorCal area general manager for Microsoft’s Small and Midmarket Solutions and Partners (SMS&P) group. “The Prodiance Spreadsheet Compliance Edition solution is a prime example of how organizations can leverage partner-developed solutions built on Microsoft technologies to solve a wide variety of business problems across the enterprise.”

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