New York, NY – 10 January 2007

Strong demand for fast, cost-effective FIX routing; announces beta program for High Availability Core FIX Engine

FIX Flyer, a leader in FIX trading solutions announces today that volume on their FIXtp trading service is expanding quickly because of a growing list of clients and the addition of new features making it easy to handle higher volumes. Trading volume has increased 120% each quarter since launch in May 2006.

This growth is coming from new clients, trading driven by newalgorithmic strategies, and block trading automation. FIXtp helps traders integrate their own processes tightly into their own proprietary methods, without the overhead of a heavy OMS, making traders efficient and flexible so they can capture new opportunities. Traders use FIXtp to FIX-enable their workflow (Excel spreadsheets, proprietary processes, and files) without having to implement a FIX engine or certify with counterparties.

FIX Flyer also announces releasing their greatly anticipated High Availability core FIX engine for pre-production release. Existing clients will beta this version. FIX Flyer is now qualifying new partners to beta the new high speed and highly available core FIX platform. Interested firms can call or email FIX Flyer for more details.

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