MIG21 and DVS are now integrated with Xentis at Metzler

Frankfurt am Main - 8 February 2007

Migration of Aquin systems DVS and MIG21 with the new Back Office System Xentis has been finished in record time

Last year, the Metzler Investment GmbH, a capital investment company in Frankfurt, has started migrating their public and institutional funds to the new fund accounting system XENTIS. Within this project the Aquin systems in use by Metzler Invest - MIG21 for investment compliance checking (pre- and post-trade) and the investment data hub DVS - have also been integrated with the new fund accounting system.

„In the context of the implementation project, it was very important for us that the holdings from Xentis were integrated into Metzler’s master data and fund accounting system.“, comments Matthias Plewnia, CEO of Metzler Investment GmbH. This allowed Metzler Invest during the transition period, to run the ex-ante- and ex-post checks in the existing fund accounting system parallel with the new Xentis system.

Metzler Invest is very happy both with the performance of the systems and with the very short implementation period. “From the beginning of the implementation project until going live, i.e. the first data migration in MIG21 and DVS, only 5 months have passed.”, highlights Mr. Plewnia. This has only been possible thanks to the excellent support of the system providers.

By using Aquin’s system DVS as a central data hub within the existing fund accounting system, Metzler Invest established a performing fund administration infrastructure in good time. “With DVS all heterogeneous systems of the investment company are consolidated within a central database, so our complete reporting can be supplied with consistent data. This enables us to have a smooth reporting flow, even after the conversion to the new fund accounting platform”, explains Mr. Plewnia.

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