IntellectSpace launches visual “six degrees” analysis for investment opportunities

Seattle, WA – 7 February 2006

IntellectSpace launches the long-awaited solution for investment banks and private equity firms that automatically discovers, analyzes, and visually maps key relationships among companies and people.

With IntellectSpace FN, financial professionals are now able to leverage the untapped insights that a holistic understanding of key direct and indirect relationships garners for idea generation, prospecting, and evaluation of investment or M&A opportunities.

IntellectSpace FN's Knowledge Mapping™ provides financial professionals with the next level of insights into relationship ecosystems of companies and influential people – insight that is impossible to harness textually and manually. With IntellectSpace, a financial professional can discover common relationship synergies between merger candidates, visualize the reach of key influencers at-a-glance, and screen for opportunities that satisfy indirect qualitative criteria, such as companies with family ties to a competitor.

"The launch of IntellectSpace FN is the culmination of vital feedback from our partners in the investment community about the need for better visibility into the interconnected networks of relationships that influence or shape investment opportunities," notes Sandro Gvelesiani, CEO of IntellectSpace. "With IntellectSpace FN, we deliver insights that investment professionals have historically passed down from generation to generation – on a silver platter."

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