Corticon Technologies Sets New Business Rules Standard with Launch of CorticonCertified Program

Redwood Shores, Calif – 7 February 2007

Certification Program Designed to Assure Highest Quality Business Rules Skills and Successful Customer Implementations

Corticon Technologies, the leader in model-driven Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), today announced the launch of the CorticonCertified program. The CorticonCertified program is designed to assure that anyone working on a Corticon based business rules project will have the required skills to assure ultimate customer success.

The CorticonCertified program provides a comprehensive assessment of skills and capabilities that, coupled with instructor-directed or self-directed training from Corticon, proves that CorticonCertified Professionals and the advanced level, CorticonCertified Masters, have the required skill set to successfully model and implement business rules, train others on the use of Corticon solutions or provide helpdesk or product support to individuals who use Corticon solutions.

“Our customers are making significant investments in their business rules based projects,” said Michael Bleyle, VP Worldwide Client Services Corticon. “They have demanded that their employees and the consultants working on these projects are assured to drive project success. They have asked Corticon to help by setting a standard for skills and capabilities that will ensure their project’s objectives and financial goals are successfully met. We have now taken the standard we have set for our own employees and consultants and designed the CorticonCertified program to share with our community of partners and customers.”

The CorticonCertified Program is focused on four primary roles within Corticon’s partners and customers organization:

Business Rules Modeling emphasizes proficient use of Corticon Business Rule Studio; ensuring that in-house implementers, consultants, and other users have the required skills to model, analyze, and test rules and decisions.

Business Rules Technical Integration is for technical integrators and architects who design or build decision-consuming applications and processes, and need to understand Corticon Decision Service deployment, and Corticon Business Rules Server installation, interfaces and tuning.

Corticon Products Support and Helpdesk is designed to ensure that Corticon partners and customers who offer support services to their customers have the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to provide effective troubleshooting and workarounds.

Corticon Products Instruction and Training ensures that providers of Corticon product training are highly trained themselves and capable of conveying their knowledge to new users.

For each of these four roles, individuals can be certified as a CorticonCertified Professional; indicating the individual has obtained all of the essential skills necessary to perform the task; or as a CorticonCertified Master; a mark of distinction that indicates the individual has the essential skills combined with proven experience and customer references which validate superior skills and success.

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