Trading Technologies Releases Connection to New Eurex High-Speed Data Feed

Chicago - 27 February 2007

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) today announced it has released its new EurexPF gateway for users of TT’s X_TRADER® platform. TT’s EurexPF gateway conforms to the Eurex® New Socket Datafeed, which transmits prices for the existing order book depth in a real-time, non-netted price feed. Eurex’s previous feed sent prices in a pulsed format. The new real-time continuous data stream provides a significantly faster price delivery that can yield a speed advantage for traders.

“The performance improvements of Eurex’s upgraded market data feed should be apparent to our customers who trade Eurex products. Benefits could be even more noticeable for customers using TT’s semi-automated Autospreader® and Autotrader™ tools and those who are trading through fully-automated black-box applications written to our API,” said Harris Brumfield, CEO of TT.

The new EurexPF gateway supports all futures and options products available via Eurex’s nonnetted data feed. These products include Interest Rate Futures and Options, Equity Index Futures and Options, Single Stock Futures, Volatility Index Futures, Credit Futures and ETF Futures and Options.

The EurexPF gateway can connect to TT’s X_TRADER order-entry software. It also can connect through TT’s X_TRADER API and FIX Adapter to third-party, proprietary and black-box trading applications. This new gateway has been successfully beta tested in several production trading environments since the initial Eurex New Socket Datafeed launch in December.

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