Covelight and SeeWhy Software Partner to Drive Real-Time Online Transactional Intelligence

Cary, N.C./Windsor, U.K. – 21 February 2007

Partnership Delivers Customers a Business Intelligence Breakthrough With the Analysis of Real-Time Ecommerce Data

Covelight Systems, the innovator of real-time, application-independent online monitoring solutions, and SeeWhy Software, provider of the first real-time Business Intelligence (BI) platform, today announced a technology partnership that provides a breakthrough for BI users. Their collaboration gives joint customers an easily deployed platform that delivers real-time visibility into online customer activity.

Covelight’s Inflight Intelligence Engine offers a completely non-invasive way to capture transactions between web applications and users and instantaneously transform them into streams of meaningful business events. The SeeWhy event-stream processing system uses these streams for real-time metrics, alerts and actions into business processes. Uses for the joint solution include real-time web analytics, business activity monitoring (BAM), operational dashboards and real-time online marketing.

George Tubin, Senior Analyst, Delivery Channels for TowerGroup explained, “We’ve seen numerous market leaders looking to incorporate real-time data into their operational business intelligence to drive them towards the real-time enterprise. Gaining visibility into their web application transactions enables them to take immediate action on critical business components, whether it’s to protect their business from fraudulent behavior or to offer additional products or services to their online customers.”

Covelight developed a SeeWhy adapter to accomplish the integration. The new ability to work with Covelight’s Inflight broadens the options joint customers have for bringing real-time web traffic data into the SeeWhy system alongside data from middleware, the enterprise service bus (ESB), or a range of integration software and databases.

“Traditionally, click stream analysis and business intelligence have been separate stovepipes, restricting the ability to act effectively while the customer is on the website,” said Charles Nicholls, CEO of SeeWhy Software. “This announcement enables click stream data to be combined with transactions in real time. For the first time, ecommerce companies can treat each customer uniquely in the context of their current value and act immediately by changing the offer in real time”.

Brokerage firms, banks and financial services institutions have been integrating Covelight’s solution into their infrastructures to protect them from fraud, meet compliance and regulatory requirements, and now to improve their business processes. Business of all types can protect their web channel while also leveraging their investment to help grow their company.

“The partnership with SeeWhy is a significant step enabling us to reach the horizontal markets we envisioned after first architecting Inflight for the world’s largest mutual fund company,” stated Paul Bilden, VP of Sales and Business Development for Covelight Systems. “As a leading real-time business intelligence vendor, SeeWhy enables us to reach a critical market with a unique value proposition. Since executing the partnership, we have already fielded demand for the combined solution to address real-time business intelligence in telecom, online brokerage, and ecommerce firms on an international level.”

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