Distra Benchmarks over 1200TPS on IBM System p

Responding to the requirements of a large UK bank to run the Voca Payments Switch (VPS), their selected solution for the bank's Faster Payments gateway, on IBM's System P platform, Distra, supplier of the switching technology at the heart of VPS, recently completed a successful performance test on this target platform. The test not only achieved the bank's performance objectives but also proved how simple it is to install and run the Distra Switch on different platforms, how readily it adapts to new platforms and environments and how well it runs on IBM's System P architecture and AIX Operating System.

The primary objective was to obtain performance and scalability metrics to assist the bank client. The modest test configuration consisted of a pair of 4 CPU Logical Partitions (LPARs), along with a small SAN/Disk Array combination. The first partition housed the Distra application, and Oracle 10G installed on the other. Significantly the Distra Switch application was installed with no change to the standard product that has been run across a range of other platforms including HP, Sun and Dell, save a few minor installation script changes to accomodate the System P Platform. Furthermore the Distra Switch application ran immediately and following a 24 hour period of limited system tuning, was switching above the target rate of 1200tps.

A number of formal tests were then run at successively incrementing throughput rates. Distra's load simulators were used to generate simulated payments transactions at a specified and constant rate. During each test, system metrics were captured to measure CPU and resource utilization as well as actual processing throughput.

The results showed that this test configuration is capable of 1250 completed business Transactions Per Second at 37% CPU utilization.

The next series of tests involved repartitioning the servers into a pair of 2 CPU LPARS. The Distra Switch exhibited similar throughput levels at the expected higher CPU Utilization.

Distra hopes to return to the Innovation Center in the near future to finalize certification on IBM's DB2 Database.

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