Websense Bolsters Internal and External Security Threat Protection

MUMBAI -12 February 2007

New Information Leak Prevention Software and Enhanced Web Threat Intelligence Technology Fill Critical Gaps in Traditional Security Solutions

Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ:WBSN), today unveiled new software focused on solving today’s top business information security concerns: preventing the unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential data and protecting users and data from external malicious threats.

The new software – Websense® Content Protection Suite – protects organizations from data loss due to internal security threats, such as accidental or malicious disclosure of confidential information. One new component of Websense Content Protection Suite, Websense Content Auditor™ software, discovers sensitive data in a network and identifies who is using the data and how it is being used. The software can reveal gaps in an organization’s information security and business policies and uncover policy and process risks based on government regulations, industry standards and corporate governance guidelines. Websense Content Enforcer™ implements compliance and risk management policies through user and content-based policy administration and reporting.

Websense also announced new Web reputation scoring capabilities in its patent-pending ThreatSeeker™ malicious content and categorization technology. With its new capabilities, ThreatSeeker can discover and classify Web sites based on reputation scoring and suspicious characteristics. These high-risk sites are added to a threat “watch list,” so organizations can block access to those sites, helping improve an organization’s security coverage against external Web-based threats. ThreatSeeker technology delivers preemptive protection from Web-based security threats – threats typically missed or too costly to prevent using security technologies such as antivirus and intrusion prevention systems.

With the new Websense software and enhanced technologies, organizations have an improved ability to protect their confidential information, brand reputation and employees from both internal and external security threats.

“Banking is a highly regulated industry and as a credit union we have millions of pieces of confidential data that can not, under any circumstance, leave this organizations' network. Whether it is from the accidental exposure of member information or the malicious theft of confidential records, the consequences of a data breach are too costly to ignore," said Glen Chrzas, vice president of technology, Altura Credit Union. "With Websense Content Protection Suite, we’re able to monitor and filter all inbound and outbound network traffic, ensuring that our company, our members and our information are protected."

“The traditional 'sit and wait' approach to security – still practiced by the traditional security vendors – is no longer able to keep pace with today’s internal and external threats,” said Gene Hodges, CEO, Websense. “Organizations have learned how to protect themselves from email-borne viruses. Protecting information has become today’s biggest challenge. With the introduction of this new class of security protection, Websense is helping customers protect their intellectual crown jewels.”

The new Websense Content Protection Suite is based on technology acquired from PortAuthority Technologies in January. Websense Content Protection Suite prevents leaks on outbound and internal data communication channels, endpoints and laptops and portable media devices, allowing organizations to control how sensitive data can travel within and leave their organization and under what circumstances.

Additionally, Websense today announced a specialized extension of its industry-leading channel program focused on information leak prevention. This program will provide specialized training, support, opportunities and promotions for partners committed to growth and success of the new Websense Content Protection Suite software.

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