Syndera Announces Release of Syndera Operational BI 3.0

REDWOOD CITY, CA. - 31 January 2007

Latest version empowers organizations with combination of historical and real-time analysis

Syndera, a leading provider of operational business intelligence and business activity monitoring solutions, today announced the release of Syndera
Operational Business Intelligence Suite 3.0. This new version of Syndera Operational BI includes time-series and trend analysis capabilities to improve real-time decisions and historical analysis, and enhanced performance to tackle the most demanding transaction environments. This release also contains features that accelerate Syndera deployment across multiple business units.

“We are continuing our market and innovation leadership by further enhancing the proven capabilities in Syndera Operational Business Intelligence Suite 3.0,” said Janet Heppner-Jones, CEO, Syndera. “With the additional analytical tools and enhanced performance in Syndera Operational BI Suite 3.0, we can help organizations gain control of mission-critical business processes by providing intuitive ways to monitor, analyze, and act on business events.”

With Syndera Operational Business Intelligence Suite 3.0, Syndera customers gain the advantage of employing-time series and trend analysis to their business events to make better decisions from the real-time information they presently capture. Trend analysis functions can be applied to the historical data from key performance indicators (KPIs). Available functions include: moving average, difference, rate of change, and lag. Trend charts display the performance
metrics over time periods such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, past 100-day, and past 200- days. In addition, real-time metrics can be visually compared against historical performance, including comparison against statistical averages using Bollinger bands.

“With operationally focused BI, front-line employees, suppliers, and customers are using BI functions to make better decisions about the way they do their jobs or interface with enterprise information.” According to Bill Gassman, Research Director at Gartner, “When the combination of the latest information is blended with historical information decisions are more easily made, and
are more likely to be correct.”

Syndera Operational Business Intelligence Suite 3.0 introduces a host of technological innovations to greatly enhance event-processing performance to enable companies to make better decisions faster. With this release Syndera enhances the storage capabilities of its inmemory database by moving to a 64-bit architecture while still allowing customers to asynchronously persist data for future analysis via a real-time cache. Collectively, these capabilities enhance event-processing speed significantly and enable organizations to react faster to changing business conditions.

“Competitive pressures are forcing companies to react faster to changing business conditions and customer requirements. As a result, there is now a need to use operational business intelligence to help drive and optimize business operations on a daily basis, and, in some cases, even for intraday decision making,” said, Colin White, President, BI Research. “Syndera Operational Business Intelligence is an example of an event-driven operational BI solution that is both process-aware and that has the performance capabilities to address the decision-making needs
of most organizations.”

The Syndera Operational Business Intelligence Suite is comprised of self-service dashboards that provide real-time, end-to-end visibility of automated processes; a high-performance complex event processing and analytics engine that continuously collects events and computes real-time metrics, real-time alerts, key performance indicators, and historical trends; and an intuitive design environment that allows users to model their exact business requirements within an ontologybased repository.

With the Syndera Operational Business Intelligence Suite, companies can proactively respond to opportunities and threats which results in reduced risk, greater customer satisfaction, and increased revenues.

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