Risk Intelligence in Financial Services– Are their parallels with the Military?

London, UK - 1 February 2007

Paul Lockyear, COO of Risk Management House Quadrant, believes there are lessons that financial services can learn from the military when formulating architectures, defining processes and building solutions for effective risk management. He discusses this in a White Paper, “Risk Intelligence Architecture: Learning from the military”.

Quadrant has today published a White Paper, “Risk Intelligence Architecture: Learning from the military”, which outlines key issues in developing a Risk Intelligence Architecture within a Financial Services context.
Paul Lockyear, founder and COO of Quadrant believes that Financial Services Providers (FSP) can gain insight effective risk management from the military domain. He says in the military context “Intelligence is the provision to the general staff of continuous collated, analysed and interpreted information about the battlefield and the enemy’s assessed intentions and capabilities. To ensure that the battle is won, the general staff need to be able to act on this intelligence in a way that maximises efficiency, for example by making or changing decisions about deployment of troops, axis of advance, attack points, or defensive positioning. However good intelligence in itself is not enough, it is the ability to react and respond rapidly and decisively upon that intelligence that will win the war”. This philosophy can equally be applied to defining a Risk Intelligence Architecture and building solutions that provide the managers and directors of FSPs with the intelligence about the performance of their company or business unit at their fingertips.

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