CEP Vendor Landscape: Profiles of Top Event Processing Vendors in the Capital Markets

Boston, MA - 8 August 2007

The vast majority of CEP implementations have focused on algorithmic and strategy trading. However, more and more solutions are migrating to other areas of the capital markets, such as data monitoring, routing, surveillance, compliance, proprietary data derivations, market making and trading oversight.

A new Impact Report from Aite Group, LLC provides an overview of the diverse vendors offering solutions in the complex event processing (CEP) space. It focuses on the evolution of CEP solutions in the capital markets, and looks at CEP related spending, and market-segmentation of 19 of the leading vendors.

The data explosion has created numerous opportunities and challenges in the capital markets. In coming years, many of the solutions for dealing with this growth in data output will be built around an event-processing framework. In fact, many problems, restated with an event-processing formulation, look much more manageable. Today, there are significant opportunities for firms to leverage solutions developed by third-party providers to solve many of the challenges that the ever-increasing data production in the capital markets is posing.

"The vast and varied list of CEP vendors offering solutions and platforms in the space makes for excellent comparison shopping," says Brad Bailey, senior analyst at Aite Group and author of this report. "However, the myriad choices, as well as the variety of approaches, add to the challenge of choosing the correct vendor for a specific application."

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