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Los Angeles and New York - 6 August 2007

Corporate Integrity Ratings Assess Trustworthiness and the Connection to Market Returns, Litigation

Extending its longstanding relationship as a data provider to Forbes journalists and researchers, Audit Integrity now provides free access to its corporate integrity ratings on, home page for the world’s business leaders.

In this exclusive arrangement with, a link to the flagship Accounting and Governance Risk (AGR®) rating will appear with any lookup of market quotations for the 9,000-plus public companies that Audit Integrity tracks.

Valued by institutional investors, financial firms and risk analysts, these ratings are a proxy for corporate integrity, assessing management behavior for signs of potential fraud or misstatement of financial results. Audit Integrity ratings also have proven to be statistically reliable indicators of market returns for investors.

“ uses Audit Integrity ratings as a powerful screening tool when we construct our lists that cover US companies. We’re very pleased to offer this exclusive opportunity to readers who can use this service to factor these ratings into their trading strategies as well,” said Paul Maidment, Editor,

After looking up the quote information for a public company, readers can find the corporate integrity rating by clicking on the “Accounting Risk” link on the left-hand side of that company’s page. The Audit Integrity rating report will include information which highlights potentially risky behavior in that company’s management. Companies are rated from 1 to 100, with the bottom 10 percent (“Very Aggressive”) rated as the most risky, and the top 15 percent (“Conservative”) rated as the most trustworthy.

“We welcome the readers of in understanding the impact of corporate integrity risk,” said Jack Zwingli, CEO of Audit Integrity. “Founded in the wake of Enron and WorldCom, our company assesses the trustworthiness of management through objective analysis of accounting and governance factors. We encourage readers to use our ratings to make safer and more profitable investment decisions.”

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