Codefarm incorporates Moody’s CDOROM™ model into online CDO spread enhancer

London - 5 August 2007

Codefarm, the structured credit technology company, has now fully incorporated Moody’s CDOROMTM model in Galapagos Structurer, the industry standard CDO optimization service.

Since its launch, Galapagos Structurer has been adopted by most of the top ten CDO issuers as well as by smaller CDO arrangers. Structurer incorporates market-standard ratings and pricing models with highly innovative technology to help CDO arrangers create high-yield CDOs in previously unheard-of timescales.

“From their first deployment of Galapagos Structurer, customers can focus on what is important to them – the output, not the process,” explained Jeremy Mabbitt, Managing Director of Codefarm. “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers seamless access to the highly popular Moody’s ratings methodology.”

Mario Aquino, Head of Moody’s International Markets Strategy, stated: “Moody’s CDOROMTM is a Monte Carlo simulation model that allows users to assess the expected loss of synthetic CDOs. The speed and flexibility of Moody’s model means that market participants can run multiple tranches or multiple attachment points and sizes for the same tranche simultaneously and apply Moody’s analytics to a wide variety of synthetic CDO structures such as single tranche CDOs, Leveraged Super Senior, Forward Starting CDOs, CDOs of Nth-to-Default, Long/Short CDOs, CDOs of CDOs. We are pleased that Codefarm has chosen to integrate Moody’s CDOROM™ into its product offering and enable our customers to use our ratings with such an innovative technology.”

By using evolutionary computing on a powerful highly secure compute grid, Galapagos Structurer automates the structuring of CDOs in a fraction of the time traditionally taken. The integration of credit ratings models like Moody’s allows CDO arrangers to benefit immediately from this next generation structuring.

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