Beta Systems announces new integration products to provide large enterprises with more agility in their IT and business processes

Berlin, Germany - 6 August 2007

• New Beta 4Agility Suite enables fast, secure business process optimization
• Four new Beta Agilizer products accelerate IT reactivity to complex challenges and increase IT performance

Beta Systems Software AG announced today that it has initiated a new product and sales strategy called Beta 4Agility with the theme of ‘more agility for large enterprises and providers of IT and financial services’. The Berlin-based software provider is launching the Beta 4Agility Suite to enable customers to react fast when new and complex IT demands arise, resulting in increased productivity and growth. The suite comprises four integration products based on Beta Systems’ traditional core businesses: document management, IT user management, data processing within data centers, and compliance solutions. The business process-oriented products interconnect applications and systems and deliver standard functions via web services. They will be launched in phases between fall 2007 and mid-2008 under the brand names Beta Agilizer 4 Document Processing, Beta Agilizer 4 Security, Beta Agilizer 4 Data Processing, and Beta Agilizer 4 Compliance.

Large companies and providers of IT and financial services are continually faced with new challenges, which their IT environment needs to be able to cope with despite the ongoing pressure on costs. Among the causes of this situation are mergers, acquisitions, continuous consolidation, and changes to business processes, systems and organizations - along with a massive increase in legal requirements. Existing legacy and mainframe systems need to be connected quickly and flexibly to the newer enterprise IT, to drive a rapid and sustainable increase in productivity and ensure that growth opportunities can be acted on quickly and efficiently. The four new Beta Agilizer products embody the principle of fast integration into today’s IT architectures.

The Beta Agilizer products are based on Beta Systems’ existing solutions and core competencies. Using special connector technologies, they integrate Beta Systems’ own solutions as well as third-party systems, applications, and data. The integration can be within an IT application, as well as across different areas – spanning document management, user management, and compliance solutions.

“Our new offering will be successful because so many companies are on the lookout for integration solutions that link existing applications, documents and processes,” explains Kamyar Niroumand, CEO of Beta Systems Software AG. “This is the only way to ensure IT flexibility and the high level of agility needed to adapt to constantly-changing business conditions.”

The launch of the Beta 4Agility Suite is the centerpiece of the 4Agility program for growth and completes Beta Systems Software AG’s reorientation, following the consolidation undertaken over the last few years. It is underpinned by the strengths proven many times over by Beta Systems during more than 25 years in the IT market – innovative strength and customer proximity.

In the first half-year of 2007, Beta Systems Software AG reached turnaround, thus delivering proof of the effectiveness of its new strategy. The Berlin-based software provider had already improved its result considerably by the end of the first half-year, raising it from € -19.0 to € 0.2 million. This is the first positive EBIT for a half-year since the company’s IPO. This positive trend was attributable to the growth of around 14% in the profitable license business and of almost 30% in the services segment, as well the optimization of the cost structure.

Overview of Each Product

Beta Agilizer 4 Document Processing makes documents available in a business process oriented context. As they are electronically archived, they can be searched and retrieved quickly and easily, regardless of which archiving system they are stored in. The Agilizer integrates a range of different archiving solutions and delivers the documents to the user via web services and other user- and business process-oriented interfaces.

• Beta Agilizer 4 Security enables different identity management solutions and access control systems to be interconnected. As a result, user administration can be managed centrally with one integrated product. With the Agilizer, identity management and certain IT security functions can be integrated into additional applications using various client connectors and web services.

• Beta Agilizer 4 Data Processing is an integration platform for a broad range of products and tools for data center automation. Companies can use the Beta Agilizer 4 Data Processing to centrally activate scheduling, workload management, and other key administration tasks across several different solutions.

• With Beta Agilizer 4 Compliance, company-specific compliance requirements can be fulfilled automatically and centrally. The Agilizer manages them using an implemented set of policies and rules. This leads to improved and simplified control cycles, which start by monitoring regulations and end with the preventive discovery of risks and vulnerabilities within the existing compliance structure. The first version of the Beta Agilizer 4 Compliance will be available in autumn 2007.

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