KESDEE launches a comprehensive e-learning course library on “Governance, Risk and Compliance”

August 2007

KESDEE Inc., a leading provider of e-learning courses in Finance, has launched its e-learning course library on “Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)”. These courses give important insights into the intricate working of Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance in corporate environment with disposition for high risk and spectacular failures around the globe. This calls for increasing stakeholder demands and growing public scrutiny.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance, or in short GRC, has evolved from managing risk as a transaction or compliance activity to adding business value by improving operational decision making and strategic planning.

This course library on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) consists of 7 courses, which include:
1.Classification of Risks
2.Introduction to ERM and its Frameworks
3.Regulatory Landscape
4.Governance, Risk and Compliance - Demystified
5.COSO and CobiT in Support of GRC Needs
6.Operational Risk Management Primer
7.GRC – Case Study

This course library defines risk classes, explains Enterprise Risk Management and its deployment, lists major trends in Global Regulatory Landscape and explains and elaborates COSO and CobiT frameworks for ERM.

There is a case study part of the course library which reviews the approaches adopted by a Global Outsourcing Services provider to cope with risk demands. With the application of the concepts explained like COSO, CobiT, ITIL, eSCM, Basel II ORM, this case presents its successful transformation into a more risk-aligned and better risk managed company.

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