Feri Rating & Research awards A Rating to Long-Term Investment Fund (SIA) - Classic

Bad Homburg - 28 August 2007

Bad Homburg-based Feri Rating & Research GmbH has rated the Long-Term Investment Fund (SIA) - Classic (LU0244071956) with the initial rating mark of A ("very good") as of 31 July 2007. Issued on 6 February 2006, the fund has been
officially registered for sale in Germany since 21 August 2007 and prior to this was already available to Swiss investors.

The issue of the rating was subject to a prior comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis, within the framework of which the abilities of the fund management to generate a long-term, stable and above-average performance (Performance Indicator) as well as to contribute to risk control and reduction (Risk Indicator) were examined. Using this method, the Performance Indicator, which has a weighting of 70% in the overall rating, was assessed as "very good", while the Risk Indicator, weighted at 30%,was ranked as "good".

The very good rating of the Performance Indicator is based on the assessment that the fund management is in a position to generate a high, above-average relative performance, longterm earnings capability as well as performance stability. For this reason the best mark of "very good" was awarded in each case in the corresponding sub-indicators. With the aim of long-term capital growth, the Long-Term Investment Fund (SIA) - Classic invests in undervalued shares of companies with good fundamentals and high profit potential.

In doing so the fund management team is acting for the Spanish Professor Jose Carlos Jarillo independently of a benchmark. Comprising approximately 100 shares, the portfolio is compiled using a bottom-up strategy, whereby value shares are identified from a comprehensive universe and rated by means of profitability indexes.

Since registration, the fund has succeeded in outperforming in relation to the MSCI World (gross) comparison index selected by Feri. The extensive expertise of Prof. Jarillo in particular, whose focus as Professor for company strategy at University of Geneva lies in the analysis of long-term company stability, as well as the many years of experience of team members Walter Scherk and Alex J. Rauchenstein, should contribute to the long-term success of the fund.
On the qualifying date, the volume of the Long-Term Investment Fund (SIA) - Classic had already reached 620 million Euros. The fund has been assigned by Feri to the World Shares comparison group. As of 31 July 2007, this peer group comprised 422 funds, of which 271 have been awarded a rating. Some 66 of these funds received a B rating, while 31 funds received an A rating.

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