New York – 22 August 2007

Online service makes it easy to find historical trades on exchanges, ECNs

CecilRep, a provider of search based reporting services for institutional trading, announces today the general availability of their Member Reporting Service. The service makes it possible for the support and compliance groups of an exchange and ECN, and including their members, to query several years of historical trade information.

The Member Reporting Service integrates several sources together such as cleared transactions, orders from member trading systems, and security master data. CecilRep employs search technology, which makes it easy for users to find what they need quickly, without learning a database language like SQL. It’s faster and more flexible than other reporting technologies because the IT department is not required to implement new reports for alternate views. Users can instead search for the results they need and then export data to a spreadsheet or PDF for further processing.

CecilRep is built on a highly scalable but open framework using the latest techniques in distributed computing and can fully index data at rates of 1MB per second per CPU. Typical complex wildcard queries take less than 400ms to traverse millions of records using commodity hardware. CecilRep extends basic document search algorithms to efficiently query numbers and dates in addition to text.

“All of our clients struggle with expanding trade volumes on legacy technologies”, says George Kledaras, CEO of CecilRep. “Search technology makes it easy for any user to find what they need without tying up critical systems or spending a lot of resources on non-standard solutions.”

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