Forbis Announces a New FORPOST DataWarehouse Release

13 August 2007

The specialists of the company are constantly improving the components of the FORPOST banking information system, and implementing modern technologies and methods of data processing. In a new release of the data warehouse, the specialists of the Forbis Company have significantly improved the process of data transfer to the FDWH ETL (Extract Transform Load). A new ETL process, based on the STAGE technology, guarantees the banks much quicker data transfer-acceptance as well as better quality of the uploaded data.

In the course of the process of data transfer from huge data bases of a bank, the FORPOST banking information system would be overloaded. This release allows quick and efficient upload of the data from FORPOST into FDWH, as well as its verification, transformation, and transference into the warehouse in the required format. After implementing of the STAGE technology, the time of launching to the FORPOST system has shortened (it takes up to 20 minutes), and data processing as well as reports formation has become more rapid. There also has appeared a possibility of additional verification of the quality and integrity of the transferred data.

Not only the new FORPOST Data Warehouse release does ensure significantly quicker data transfer, but also it opens up greater functional possibilities of the data warehouse. In the FDWH environment there is stipulated a realisation of the FINREP (FINREP - Finance Reporting) project. Under the resolution of the European committee of bank supervising institutions, the package of the unified financial reporting forms (FINREP) will have become obligatory for all the EU-membership countries from 1 January 2008.

The FORPOST Data Warehouse is an important part of the overall architecture of the FORPOST banking information system, and an efficient tool for mandatory reporting preparation and bank management.

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