Calgary - 13 August 2007

Users see better performance in modeling capabilities

RiskAdvisory, a provider of integrated risk solutions to energy companies, was recognized with high rankings by Energy Risk magazine readers in modeling and identifying market risk categories.

Out of 14 different software companies mentioned, RiskAdvisory/SAS placed second in modeling, an improvement from its fourth place finish in 2006 rankings.

"Our Energy Risk Solutions' modeling capabilities most likely received high marks from users because of the full range of modeling techniques they offer,” said Brian Nicholson, RiskAdvisory's Director of Consulting and Product Development.

"In particular, SAS Risk Dimensions enables risk analysts to model these factors using the SAS suite of Econometric modeling tools,” Nicholson said. "Historical simulation, Geometric Brownian Motion, as well as any number of normal and non-normal based models can be utilized.

"SAS Risk Dimensions also provides a programming framework for creating custom pricing and aggregation methods. Further, this programming framework can be used to specify how and when stochastic variables are shocked. The combination of extendable programming framework and the SAS Econometric toolkit give risk modelers complete control over their risk analyses.”

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