Satuit Technologies Completes Successful 2007 Client Conference

Norwell, MA - 1 August 2007

Professional investment companies and asset managers from around the world recently gathered to share knowledge and insights about advancements in CRM technology at the Satuit Technologies annual client conference in Boston, MA in June 2007. More than 60 asset managers as well as two pension consulting firms participated in this year’s conference.

Satuit, a global leader in sales force automation (SFA) and client relationship management (CRM) solutions for the professional investment market, introduced attendees to the latest features and benefits included in SatuitCRM version 10.6, as well as to new partnerships with Akamai Technologies and Pyxis Mobile, which will help optimize customers’ experiences with the on-demand application.

Karen Maguire, Satuit’s CEO, opened the conference with a welcome presentation outlining the company’s business strategy and growing on-demand customer base. More than 50 percent of legacy on-premise customers have now been converted to on-demand customers while more than 80 percent of new customers are opting for the on-demand version of SatuitCRM. Her presentation included a look at notable changes taking place at Satuit, trends in on-demand solutions, a glimpse of Satuit’s product growth, and a note of thanks to Satuit’s more than 26 new clients.

“We have had a tremendous year, and were excited to be able to share our progress with our growing base of clients,” said Maguire. “Everything is getting bigger, from our training classes to the depth of our product offering to our office space. We appreciate the interaction we had with our customers and the feedback we received that will help us continue to meet their CRM needs with SatuitCRM.”

Njal Larson, senior vice president of product strategy, then discussed the company’s product and development efforts highlighting the features of SatuitCRM version 10.6, as well as a six-month time-table for company and product optimization. ”Our customers have much to look forward to with enhanced Microsoft Outlook integration, Sync Center 1.0 and our new Satuit Mobile version 2.0.”

The highlights of the conference are the interactive sessions run by clients who share their experiences with SatuitCRM. This year’s speakers featured Dana McNamara of Sands Capital Management and Tony Festa of Funds Evaluation Group. Conference participants are especially interested in how other clients use the software. These sessions provided a treasure trove of ideas for back office integration, which was heavily featured in discussion topics for this years conference.

“The Satuit 2007 Client Conference was tremendously worthwhile as we were able to collaborate with industry peers and share best practices in using SatuitCRM,” said Dana McNamara, director of client services for Sands Capital Management, LLC. and a presenter at the 2007 Satuit Conference. “It is clear that Satuit is focused on producing the best CRM product for investment professionals and it is this specialization that makes the Satuit Client Conference unique. The insights from the company’s executives were especially valuable and showed the conference attendees that Satuit is a growing company that truly values its customers.”

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