Sector announces MBS PlusSM A new mortgage backed securities pricing and analytics service with normalized data.

NEW YORK, N.Y. - 3 April 2007

Sector, Inc.® today announced the launch of Sector MBS PlusSM, a new mortgage backed securities data, pricing and analytics service that provides combined, normalized data on all FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA pass-through securities. The service was created to fulfill the industry’s growing need for more flexible data management as well as valuation and risk management services from an independent third party.

Currently, FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA each use different naming conventions for essentially similar data fields. This makes it difficult for customers to combine the data into one useable format. The MBS Plus data file component solves this issue by extracting the most useful data fields from each agency and “normalizing” the naming conventions into one combined data file format which easily integrates into in-house or vendor systems. The MBS Plus data file component is updated as often as the agencies update their respective raw data.

In addition, a monthly pricing file is also available which includes standardized data fields and a data dictionary along with benchmark rates, curves and risk calculations in a simple standardized formatted file. MBS Plus clients can receive indicative fair value prices and fixed income analytics all in an easily downloadable and readable file.

The MBS Plus pricing file component enables clients to value each mortgage pool and calculate analytics and risk measures. The pricing and analytics capabilities include price and yield, OAS to swaps, OAS to Treasuries, CPR and PSA prepayment speeds, yield volatility and factor, DV01, modified duration, convexity and risk.

As a trusted source for bulk data distribution, and an independent source for pricing and risk management, Sector helps clients address accounting, auditing and reporting requirements.

To produce MBS Plus, Sector partnered with Gmarkets Inc., a financial information and technology provider, and Andrew Kalotay Associates, Inc., specialists in fixed income analytics and advisory services to produce MBS Plus. “MBS PlusSM will simplify and enhance subscribing firms’ ability to analyze MBS data”, said Robin Hanlon, President and CEO of Gmarkets, “Sector clients will definitely benefit from access to standardized, accurate and timely data.”

According to Andrew Kalotay, President of Andrew Kalotay Associates, “This partnership provides the ideal platform for AKA’s proprietary CLEAN™ approach to valuing MBS. The speed and accuracy under this approach, at more than 10,000 valuations per minute, will be the new performance benchmark for analytics vendors to compete against.”

“We are very excited about the potential of this new product, said Adlai Carrasco, Managing Director at Sector, Inc.® As the trusted industry source of MBS pool data selected by the Bond Market Association to automate and distribute mortgage factors and indicative data, we have been providing timely data to the industry for over 15 years. MBS Plus is a natural enhancement of these services. Working with Gmarkets and Andrew Kalotay Associates, Inc., enabled us to combine our raw MBS data strengths with their analytics and capital markets strengths to produce the best solution possible.”

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