Horsham, UK – 30 April 2007

Iconium Limited, a leading UK provider of governance, risk and compliance solutions, today announced Policy Manager 4.2, the latest release of its leading intelligent governance framework solution. Policy Manager 4.2’s new features include automatic policy review, automatic versioning, automatic document numbering and integration with EMC’s Documentum document management system. When combined with its existing capabilities, this new version of Policy Manager sets new standards in policy management.

Increasingly challenged by the rising levels of risk associated with their roles, Governance, Risk and Compliance managers currently complete lengthy and laborious workflow processes on semi automated processes, or at worst manually. Iconium’s Policy Manager 4.2 has new features which directly address cutting the time and complexity associated with the life-cycle of large policy sets, significantly reducing the cost associated with the increasing policy and compliance business culture. Policy Manager 4.2 is the fastest way for companies to ensure effective management and concise reporting on all areas of corporate governance.

• Automatic policy review: Policy Manager 4.2 provides complete integration and automation of the policy compliance review process, allowing policy authors to seamlessly and efficiently create, distribute and gain approval for all policies, processes and procedures. It ensures advanced policy review and approval tracking capabilities, critical when dealing with large review teams.
• Automatic policy versioning: Provides automatic versioning workflow, taking the onus of manually setting versioning numbers away from policy authors and owners and minimising human error.
• Automatic document numbering: Ensures automatic document numbering capabilities for creation of new policies or libraries, delivering an efficient and real-time document numbering structure.
• Integration with EMC’s Documentum: Policy Manager 4.2 delivers complete integration with EMC’s Documentum, the organisation’s enterprise content management (ECM) platform.

“Iconium Policy Manager has transformed policy, process and procedural life-cycle management from a laborious, costly and chaotic process into a streamlined and well-managed corporate discipline. With version 4.2, we are able to further remove cost and complexity from this highly critical business operation, commented Toby Waldock, CEO, Iconium Limited. “Iconium’s mission is to simplify and streamline the creation, distribution, enforcement and reporting of an individual’s acceptance of corporate policies. With our new range of automated features we are able to further drive down the inaccuracies inherent within manual policy processes and improve the compliance posture of businesses where being compliant is not optional. As well as automating policy processes such as policy review and streamlining the key stages of policy management, Policy Manager 4.2 now fully integrates with EMC’s Documentum, creating further efficiencies in the policy management arena. After our recent announcement of full integration with Cisco Network Admission Control (NACs) and this announcement of version 4.2, Iconium has once again set the bar in the policy management marketplace.”

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