Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC releases REVPORT with Multi-Lingual Capability

Boston - 3 April 2007

Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC today announced that it has released REVPORT 6.0 supporting fee billing invoices in multiple languages. The first implementation of this new capability supports one of Bonaire’s clients in Japan who require invoices produced in the Kanji language.

REVPORT™ software automates and calculates fees for the fee billing and invoice process. Bonaire’s clients are able to calculate any type of fee for revenue streams and commissions; as well as fees & disbursements associated with accounts and portfolios. REVPORT™ takes in a data feed from the client’s record keeping platform, computes complex calculations; and then posts the fees to the general ledger while automatically generating invoices and audit, financial control and management reports.

“The REVPORT™ Fee Billing and Revenue Management Product was designed, architected, and built on a superior technological platform allowing for scalability, flexibility, and growth.”, said John Bosley, Chief Operating Officer at Bonaire. “The multi-lingual capability further adds to our existing multi-currency functionality to support our client’s global offices.”

REVPORTâ„¢ Key Features:

 Tracks and automatically calculates foreign currency fees, 12b-1 fees, asset management fees, wrap fees, performance fees, sub-advisor payouts and commissions
 Compliance -- full audit trail to assist in Sarbanes-Oxley reporting
 Complete Revenue Forecasting and Accruals
 Complex performance fee calculations
 Multi-currency and multi-lingual capability for global clients
 Eliminates the need for manual calculations and the use of Excel spreadsheets.
 Powerful report capability and revenue data repository

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